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Commission aiming to make manufacturing ‘smarter’ has first meeting

The recent inaugural meeting of the Made Smarter Commission has brought together Business leaders, academics and the government to make manufacturing ‘smarter’.

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Revenge Evictions

Research recently conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has found a causal link between private renters who make formal complaints about their landlord and their eviction.

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Desire for Home Ownership Remains Strong

Almost half (48%) of people aged between 25 and 34 who aren’t on the property ladder say they want to own their own home within the next ten years. 

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Rise in Equity Finance for Smaller Businesses

The UK equity finance market for smaller businesses has bounced back to record highs in 2017, following a decline in 2016, the British Business Bank’s fourth annual Small Business Equity Tracker report has revealed. 

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Warning Over Reliance on Inheritance Expectations

A new report into intergenerational wealth transfer has found that over 11 million people aged between 25-45 in the UK expect to receive some sort of inheritance from their parents or grandparents, with nearly half (5.1 million) of these expecting to inherit at least £50,000 in fixed assets or money. 

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