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Change of Name

Adult change of name (first and/or last names)

As an adult, you are free to change your name whenever you like (save for exceptional circumstances).

If you do decide to change your name, you may require legal proof of the change to obtain certain documentation such as a passport or driver’s licence.

The change of name can be simply executed by the preparation of a change of name deed. We will take instructions from you in relation to the information required for the deed, prepare the change of name deed for you and we will tell you what you need to do to execute it.

Change of name after a marriage (or civil partnership)

After marriage, many people choose to adopt the name of their new spouse or civil partner. However, you may choose to keep your maiden name and there is absolutely nothing in law preventing you from doing so. You may even prefer to use your married name in a personal capacity whilst using your maiden name at work. There is nothing in law which says that you cannot do so.

If you do want to change your name after you get married, you simply need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate (sometimes this must be a certified copy) and this will be sufficient proof. However, you may also want to prepare a change of name deed just to provide additional certainty.

Furthermore, if you are adopting a double barrelled surname after the divorce e.g. incorporating the surnames of both spouses or civil partners, you usually do require a change of name deed for official purposes.

Change of name after a divorce (or dissolution)

If you should divorce, you can generally choose to retain your married name or change it to something else (quite often, reverting to a maiden name). However, there is no legal obligation to abandon your married name and you can use either.

In the event that you do wish to abandon the use of your married name and revert to your maiden name, usually production of the Decree Absolute (the final document which brings the marriage to an end) or Final Order (in the case of civil partnership) will be sufficient proof to change your name on official documentation.

However, if you wish to change your name before the divorce or civil partnership is completed or you are having difficulties changing your name, we can prepare a change of name deed for you.

Changing your child’s surname

If your child is under 18 years of age, everyone with parental responsibility for that child must consent to the change of name. Please see our children page to find out who has parental responsibility.

In the event that you cannot get the consent of everyone with parental responsibility (e.g. one of the parties does not agree or will not respond to your requests) you will need to obtain an order from the court to change the child’s surname. Please see our children page for more information about applying for an order to change a child’s name.

Our fees

We will charge a fixed fee of £90.00 plus VAT to prepare a change of name deed for you.
If we are preparing a change of name deed for your child, we will require the consent of all persons with parental responsibility.

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