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Divorce Overview

It is estimated that up to 42% of marriages end in divorce. It is often a very upsetting, stressful and confusing time for the parties involved. As a modern and progressive law firm we adopt a holistic approach when advising and assisting our clients during this difficult time. We can offer expert tailored legal advice and we also have access to a wide range of external agencies and support services, including relationship counselling and support for separating parents. We are committed to making the process as simple, non-confrontational and cost effective as possible. It is our vision to ensure that every one of our clients finishes this process feeling empowered and positive about their future.

We will be transparent about our costs from the outset and we can offer very competitive fixed fee rate for divorce and civil partnership dissolution in most cases.

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You can find some more information about judicial separation, divorce and civil partnership dissolution here .
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