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UK’s Application for Permanent Residence a ‘Nightmare’

Managing Partner of Adams Solicitors Markus Malik spoke to the Financial Times in a recent article about the challenge facing applicants for permanent residence to the UK. The article highlights the difficulties faced by applicants, where bloc citizens face an 85-page permanent residency application for EU membership for the right to live and work in Britain. There has been a recent rush of applicants, with the number of applicants almost tripling in the quarter after the referendum compared with the same period a year earlier.

The application form requires documentation of every time applicants have left the UK, and also requests a variety of documents spread evenly across the five years to prove employment.

“If you come over here and work in the informal economy it can be very hard to establish these things” Markus Malik explained, who currently offers clients assistance in preparing a permanent residency application. It can also be difficult to prove residency for some, such as the stay-at-home spouse, who cannot show proof of employment. It takes over four months for an application to be processed, during which time many have no passport while they await news. “You really are in the hands of the gods,” said Azra Malik, an Adams partner.

You can read the full article on the Financial Times website.

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