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“How long will my claim take?” 

The length of time a claim takes will depend on the particular circumstances of the case. As an example, a relatively minor road traffic accident may well be settled within months, whilst more serious injuries may take longer. We would advise that you speak to the team at Adams Solicitors so they can give you an indication of how long your case may take. Should we go ahead with the claim, we will work efficiently to ensure it is concluded as soon as possible.

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“How long do I have to make a claim following my accident?”

Generally you have three years from the date of your injury to make a claim. However, there are exceptions. If the accident involved a minor (somebody who is under 18 years of age), the three years do not start until the minor’s 18th birthday. There are other exceptions to this three-year rule, which your solicitor will explain. Send us an enquiry providing brief details of your accident for further clarification.

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“I am not sure if my claim will qualify?”

The simple solution is to contact a member of our team. They will be able to tell you whether you have a case. We pride ourselves on honesty which means that if you do not have a claim, we will tell you immediately. It is in nobody’s interest to proceed with a case we do not feel will succeed.

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“How can you act on my behalf for no fees?”

In the vast majority of cases, Adams Solicitors are able to act for personal injury clients on what’s known as a conditional fee agreement. This is often referred to as “no-win, no-fee”. Your solicitor can explain exactly how this works in further detail during your initial consultation, or [link] click here for further information.

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“What happens if I decide I don’t wish to pursue the claim once it’s started?”

This depends on the stage at which you decide to withdraw. If a member of our team advises you that your claim is not likely to succeed, you may withdraw and pay nothing. If on the other hand you decide not to proceed for reasons personal to you, you may be billed for all charges incurred on your behalf up to that point.

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“Do I have to meet a member of the Adams Solicitors team in person?”

Not unless you want to. It is possible to deal with most claims entirely by telephone, post or e-mail. However, at Adams Solicitors we believe that meeting in person is always beneficial and as a result, do encourage clients to visit us at our offices.

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“How much compensation could I expect?” 

The level of compensation entirely depends on the type of claim, and the injuries sustained. To ascertain the latter will require an independent medical report, and the level of compensation will depend on this medical evidence. As a result, we cannot give you an accurate estimate of the level of compensation until we receive the medical evidence.

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