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UK Trade Law

Our lawyers understand that detail and nuance is everything when it comes to drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. We explore every element to make sure your contracts are exactly what you expect.

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The commercial solicitors London at Adams have a comprehensive knowledge of the UK's trade laws and regulatory frameworks, meaning we are excellently placed to advise businesses of all types on their legal duties and obligations when it comes to conducting business in the UK.

Failure to adhere to the UK's strict trade laws can result in prolonged investigations, substantial fines, criminal proceedings and irreparable damage to the reputation of your business. Having the support of an experienced team of commercial lawyers can be vital in ensuring your company operates within the law and that any concerns raised by investigating authorities can be handled swiftly and efficiently.

UK Trade Solicitors in London

UK trade laws are enforced by various Trading Standards authorities who work closely with prosecuting authorities to identify and stop illegal commercial practices. In many cases, investigations are carried out aggressively and efficiently in pursuit of prosecutions. Some of the areas targeted by these bodies include:

  • Banking
  • Finance and consumer credit
  • Cross-border sales
  • Money laundering
  • E-commerce and internet crime
  • Intellectual property
  • Fraudulently sold financial services
  • Consumer and product safety

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The UK's regulatory frameworks can be complicated. Our commercial solicitors can provide clear, straightforward, jargon-free advice whatever your line of business.

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