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US Trade Law

Our lawyers understand that detail and nuance is everything when it comes to drafting and negotiating commercial contracts. We explore every element to make sure your contracts are exactly what you expect.

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The US is the largest destination for UK exports, with trade between the two countries being valued at over £130 billion annually. Given the scale of the US market, and the fact that each state has its own commercial and business laws, having the support of a commercially-minded legal team is essential when it comes to pursuing your commercial objectives in the US market.

Our commercial solicitors London offer a bespoke service for clients doing business internationally, with a specific focus on US transactions. Tailoring our advice to meet their individual requirements, we can provide essential legal supports for UK-based and international companies looking to develop their business in the US.

US trade law and regulations specialists

Navigating the legal and regulatory frameworks associated with cross-border trade is essential when it comes to achieving commercial success. With the UK's upcoming withdrawal from the European Union, it has never been more critical to have expert legal support to adapt to changing trade rules and requirements.

We have experience advising clients on matters such as:

  • WTO law
  • Safeguards
  • Trade barrier restrictions
  • Customs and rules of origin
  • Export controls
  • Interpretation of bilateral trade and investment agreements

We pride ourselves on our reputation for taking an approach that is uniquely client-focused. By getting to know you, your business and the markets in which you operate, we can offer a seamless service that ensures international transactions are completed straightforwardly and swiftly.

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