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Immigration appeals at Adams Law are dealt with robustly, with great care and attention to detail.

Our lawyers have over twenty years’ experience in immigration appeals and enjoy a very high success rate. Central to this success, is our depth of understanding of the law and the appeals process, not to forget the fact that we work closely with our clients, keeping them updated and involved at every stage.

From the moment of first instruction we will take detailed instructions from you and then draft finely tuned grounds of appeal. Our immigration appeal lawyers will put together appeal bundles for the court and the other side, hammering your case home to the judge and putting forward the strongest possible argument.

“To date we have had excellent feedback from judges on our case preparation and legal argument.”

Adams Law - Fixed Fee Immigration Lawyers London

Providing expert advice that’s easy to understand, we are completely open about our fees (which include fixed fees for various types of immigration law services) and we always discuss the potential outcomes and full costs with our clients in advance. Our specialist immigration lawyers are based in Whitechapel, East London. Contact us today on 0207 790 2000 to find out more.