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Tier 1 – Investor Visa

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Since the change of rules on the 6 November 2014:

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment amount of £2 million is made up of two components:

  1. a) £1 million clear funds; and
  2. b) personal assets which, taking into account any liabilities to which they are subject, have a value of no less than £2 million.

The requirement contained in the Immigration Rules Appendix A: Attributes for Tier 1 (Investor) Migrants states that no less than £750,000 of the capital amount totalling £1 million should be invested in an actively trading UK registered company or government bonds. The remainder of the balance can be invested by the purchase of mortgage free assets or by maintaining the money on deposit in a UK regulated financial institution.

There is no mandatory requirement for the investment to be in government bonds.

UK Bank Account Requirements

If the funds are in a company account then the applicant is likely to fail because, in effect, that would be viewed as company money and not in the direct control (direct control being the requirement). Therefore, we would suggest that the money was not deposited in the company account prematurely before the application.

UK banks will not open an account for a foreign national who is not a resident in the UK, however, this only applies to the retail banking sector. The applicant will, therefore, need to open a non-resident international account. These accounts are based in the UK and satisfy the rules. For this, we would suggest approaching Barclays international banking division.

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