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At Adams Law, we understand how important the purchase of a home is, whether it is for you and your family or your first investment property. With that in mind, it is important that you have a property lawyer that not only has the technical knowledge to make the purchase process as smooth as possible but has extensive experience in residential conveyancing. At Adams Law, we will ensure that a dedicated member of our team guides you through the entire property purchasing process, to ensure it is a stress-free and successful experience.

What does buying a property involve?

Once you have found a property that you like and have an offer accepted, we will begin our work. This will generally involve reviewing the contract to sell, which will be drafted by the seller’s solicitor.

On reviewing the contract, we will raise any queries that we (or you) may have in respect of the property. One important aspect that should always be checked when buying a property is the tenure of the property. Is it freehold or leasehold? Properties that are leasehold can cause problems if the lease has less than 80 years to run. You may struggle to get a mortgage on a property with a leasehold of 80 years or less.

The next step consists of ordering searches from specialist third party searches and the local authority to get a fuller picture of the property. For example, searches can reveal whether there are any outstanding heritable securities over the property that you should be concerned about, whether the property is built on contaminated land or whether there has been planning permission granted that is likely to have an impact on your enjoyment of the property.

The searches that we will order will depend on where your property is situated. For example, is it in an area affected by flooding? Has coal mining been carried out in the area in the past 100 years? These are all things that you will want to know before purchasing a property but would not necessarily find out from the estate agents brochure marketing the property. When helping you buy your property, we will ensure that all relevant and necessary searches are carried out.

Once you are content that you wish to proceed, we will look to finalise the contract with the seller’s solicitor and agree on a completion date for contracts, funds and keys to be exchanged. Once contracts have been exchanged and the seller’s solicitor has your funds in their client’s account, you will be able to move in. We will then take care of all the post-completion matters. This will involve registering your new title to the property with the Land Registry, ensuring that your Stamp Duty Land Tax return is completed and any tax due is paid, and we will pass on your new title deeds to your mortgage lender (if appropriate).

Adams Law has extensive experience in buying and selling residential property in London and beyond and we would be delighted to assist you. We understand how important the purchase of a property is and we will endeavour to make it as straightforward as possible.

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All aspects of property can be complex. We understand that every property, is different and there is no one solution to suit all. We can help you ensure that you find the right solution for and your family – whether you are a purchaser or seller.

We are here to help you with all your residential property and conveyancing needs, and our experienced and professional team will always focus on what you want. To discuss your requirements with the friendly and professional team at Adams Law, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0207 790 2000 or by completing our online enquiry form. We respond to all enquiries the same day they are made and remain highly proactive until the matter is resolved to our clients’ satisfaction.