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Our commercial property solicitors London are experts in any legal matter concerning a commercial property. No matter if you are buying or selling we are sure to be able to help you get the outcome you are looking for in an efficient and timely manner.


What our Commercial Property lawyers can do for you

We are able to offer a commercial property service to help you end-to-end with any process. We can assist in finding a property and then making the acquisition, the legalities of construction and fitting out a commercial property, we can help with project financing and we can also help when you decide to dispose of the property for investment purposes. These is nothing our team of experts can not handle. Our commercial property solicitors can also assist you with any issues that you have with landlords or tenants. Dispute resolution is one of our many fortes but we are also able to provide council on a wide range of other commercial property issues.

We like to treat every one of our commercial property clients as individuals. Our commercial solicitors London know that every case brings with it its own set of challenges and obstacles. We are confident we possess the skills and experience to navigate these issues and provide you with a timely resolution. Not only that, our excellent customer service means that you will be kept up to date every step of the way.


What does a commercial Property Solicitor do?

A commercial Property Solicitor generally takes on the role of conveyancing solicitor when purchasing or selling a commercial property. There are many different aspects involved in conveyancing for a commercial property including: negotiating property transactions, structuring arrangements for conveyancing or investments, preparing the necessary paperwork such as contracts and collecting important information about the property to ensure everything about the sale is above board. A commercial property solicitor could find themselves working for developers, companies, governments, or just individuals. At Adam’s law we not only have a team of excellent, highly trained commercial conveyancing solicitors but also teams with a wide range of legal knowledge about anything else concerning commercial property law.


Why Choose Adam’s Law as your Commercial Property Solicitors London?

  • Transparent fee structure giving you piece of mind
  • High level of customer service including quick enquiry response times
  • In-depth knowledge of the local market in London
  • Wide range of legal services in one place providing a holistic solution to any commercial property issue you may have.


Commercial Property Solicitor

We feel it is important, when ever you are entering a contract of any sort, that legal advice is sought. Entering into a rental contract with a landlord is no different. You will be taking on certain responsibilities by entering into this contract and is important to understand what is required of you once you become a tenant. Without clarity on this you could find yourself subject to bills for repairs and other maintenance and you may find that you have little room for manoeuvre should your situation change. Our expert commercial property solicitors London can guide you through your paperwork and help negotiate any sections that may be unfavourable.
There are a number of additional costs other than your legal fees that you will need to make allowances for. These include: Land registry fees, Stamp Duty Tax, and any surveying fees for surveys you have carried out to report on the building’s condition. Get in touch with us to find out what may be applicable in your situation.
Again, it is important to stress that every situation is different. If you are unsure of what changes to the property you can or cannot make please speak to one of our commercial lease solicitors. On the whole, external changes, structural changes or any large internal changes are not permitted. Minor internal alterations, such as painting or putting shelves up, may be permitted, but it is always best to check first.
Every case is different and there may be circumstances that may complicate this issue in your particular situation. However, generally speaking, most commercial leases of more than 6 months have security of tenure which means that one the lease period has expired the tenant is automatically entitled to an extension on the lease. This can, however, be contested by the landlord however the landlord rarely has grounds for doing so. If you are unsure as to where you stand with your commercial property lease get in touch with us today.