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Revenge Evictions


Research recently conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has found a causal link between private renters who make formal complaints about their landlord and their eviction.

These evictions are possibly due to existing legislation, such as the Housing Act 1988 s21 which allows a landlord to evict tenants after the assured shorthold tenancy has come to an end and no further assured tenancy is in existence.

The research by the CAB purports that there is a 46% chance of being evicted after six months following complaints to landlords compared to tenants who did not make complaints. The individuals who were evicted under s21 were:

  • twice as likely to have made a complaint to the landlord;
  • five times more likely to have visited their local authority; and
  • eight times more likely to have complained to a redress scheme.

Tenant Rights

The research was released following a petition by the pressure group ‘Generation Rent’ which seeks to abolish section 21 of the Housing Act 1988, which would ultimately give tenants more rights in their accommodation.

As it currently stands, tenants can be evicted with only two months’ notice without any real reason. This existing law can leave individuals scurrying to find temporary accommodation, relocating miles away from their homes, workplaces and children’s schools; and can even leave some people homeless.

The charity is advocating for three-year tenancies to be written into law, capping rent rises to stop landlords from pricing out their tenants and to allow tenants to terminate their contract if the landlord fails to uphold their obligations.

If this comes to fruition, the charity believes section 8 grounds should also be reviewed.

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