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Succession Planning

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Effective succession planning can ensure your estate is distributed as you would wish after you pass away, and also be an effective method of tax planning.

Succession planning can involve several different areas of law, but is primarily focused on ensuring that an individual’s assets are protected for future generations.

We understand that discussing your assets can be a sensitive issue, so you can be assured we will always handle sensitive information with care.

Here at Adams Law, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with all aspects of estate and succession planning, having assisted a great number of clients in this area. Contact our expert team today to find out how we can help you.

Specialist Succession Planning Advice

If you are looking to protect your assets after you pass away, you need a solicitor you can trust. Here at Adams Law, we have extensive experience in assisting individuals in a number of areas of succession planning, and there are two main elements to our service:

  • Ensuring that your assets pass on as you would have wished
  • Creating a more detailed strategy to protect beneficiaries and create tax efficiencies

In many cases, succession planning tends to be most advantageous to individuals of particularly high net worth, and at Adams Law, we understand the importance of having a specialist that has experience in dealing with larger estates.

Succession planning and estate planning can be complicated, as there are many different elements to your assets and wealth, ranging from property, investments, trusts and various tax liabilities. With our experience in succession planning, Adams Law can help you devise the best plan for the future, ensuring that whatever your wealth and assets, they are left as intact as the law allows for your descendants to enjoy.

When you first contact Adams Law about succession planning for you and your estate, we will need to gain a detailed understanding as to the nature and extent of your wealth, which in turn will allow us to tailor our advice to you accordingly.

Our friendly, experienced and professional team is focused not only on providing the best legal advice and service in London and the surrounding areas, but also on providing a first-class client experience.

Adams Law – Succession Planning Lawyers London

To discuss your succession and estate planning needs, please contact Adams Law in Whitechapel, East London by calling 0207 790 2000 or completing our online enquiry form. We will respond the same day and be delighted to assist you.